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The Calais Woodyard is a project of French organisation L’Auberge des Migrants distributing firewood to displaced people in Northern France. We bring people the necessary warmth to carry them through the cold season.

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Who We Are

A project set up by l'Auberge des Migrants, the Woodyard is a volunteer project that provides people with firewood throughout the winter. 

For those camping in freezing conditions, firewood is not only a source of heat, but allows cooking the food distributed by our partners Calais Food Collective. This creates informal social spaces and frees displaced people in Calais from dependence on hot food distributions, letting them camp and cook where they like, as well as dry their clothes.

Why We're Here

It’s been more than 6 years since the so-called Calais “Jungle” camp got cleared for demolition, 6 years of an inhumane cycle of evictions of people’s living places every 48 hours. The French authorities deforest, clear and wall up systematically after each large scale eviction. What is the result? While the situation  in Calais stagnates, the living conditions of refugees and displaced people gets worse every year. 


In winter, when tents, sleeping bags and blankets are seized by the police every day after each eviction and natural shelters are torn down, firewood distribution becomes a vital issue when the wind gusts and temperatures drop below -7 °.

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Our Impact

Between November and May, we reach 400-1200 people per week, distributing up to 60 tons of wood in the colder months.

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What We Need

Much like the other organizations part of the Calais Appeal, L’Auberge des Migrants is facing the risk of not being able to continue the Woodyard project. 

Each donation has an immediate impact. Whether it is to buy and transport the wood, repair a broken chainsaw, get fuel in our van… the Woodyard will be able to carry on only thanks to your support.

If you'd like to volunteer, apply through this form.

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