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Refugee Women's Centre

The Refugee Women’s Centre is a French association supporting displaced women and families, in transit, living in outdoor informal camps on the French-British border in Grande-Synthe and Calais.


Who We Are

Refugee Women's Centre has existed in Grande-Synthe since 2015, and became a registered French association in April 2017. Our work consists of providing the people we support with their most essential needs, accompanying their administrative procedures and assisting them in claiming their rights (including medical care, housing, and legal advice). 

Why We're Here

We are the only organisation in the region addressing the needs of women. When we started operating in 2015 in the camp of Basroch in Grande-Synthe, we reacted to an urgent need of women for a safe space, where they could meet, chat and relax.

Although the camp we built the first Women’s Centre in does not exist anymore, we have not stopped our activities, creating a safer space for women, thanks to our mobile team of volunteers.

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Our Response and Impact

Our team operates six days a week in order to respond to not only material needs but also social, legal and medical needs. We provide essential non-food items such as hygiene products, women’s and children’s clothing, and baby care products. By taking individual orders, we aim to preserve the agency of the individuals we work with, respecting their needs and wishes. We recognise that “basic needs” includes mental health wellbeing, we serve as a moral support, and create spaces that are dedicated for women to feel comfortable, whether their wish is to talk to someone or to be left alone.

What We Need

The best way you can support us right now is by donating to our fundraising page. With your donations we will be able to continue the vital support we provide for displaced women and families by purchasing essential items for distribution, buying material for activities, and covering our running costs which include our vehicle that allows us to transport material items for our distributions each day, as well as transport and accompany people to and from appointments.

If you'd like to volunteer, apply through this form.

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