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Channel Info Project

As Channel Info Project, we exist to provide reliable and accessible information along the UK-France border. We do this by providing multilingual and up-to-date information about the UK and French contexts, as well as access to charging and digital connection. 


Who We Are

Channel Info Project was launched by L'Auberge des Migrants (AdM) in November 2022 to react to the need for access to information and digital connectivity along the UK-France border. Our presence in the field includes a static info point at the local day centre and pop-up info stands at other organisations’s distributions; phone charging sessions near the living sites; information outreaching and facilitating workshops and trainings for volunteers and people on the move. We also produce monthly ‘New Arrival Guides’ for Calais and Grande-Synthe, translated into twelve different languages, and coordinate with our network of partners to draft, translate and publish various information documents as needed.  

Why We're Here

We believe that access to information is not only a human right, but that it is also a lifeline for people on the move in Northern France.  

On both sides of the Channel, access to trustworthy and accurate information and translation is very poor, with people often hearing about updates to the UK asylum procedure through word of mouth or social media. In Northern France information provision and translation is essentially done by grassroots NGOs with the UK and French states not even doing the bare minimum to keep people informed. As a result, people on the move end up with lack of agency to make informed choices, poor access to services, a lack of understanding about the asylum systems in France and the UK and a general sentiment of being misunderstood.  

The impact all of this has on a person’s mental and emotional health cannot be underestimated, especially considering that people already have to survive in an already hostile environment. We have seen the impact that the Rwanda scheme announcement had here in Calais for people on the move and we saw the misinformation that was spread around regarding it. We believe it is essential that the UK and French states do their part to ensure that people on the move have access to information in a language they understand.  


Information | Digital Connectivity | Advocacy  


We respond to the changing information needs of people on the move in Northern France and we collate and disseminate reliable and accurate information. 

Digital Connectivity 

We host mobile charging and Wifi sessions near different living sites, as well as develop autonomous charging boxes, that can charge up to 100 phones, and are dropped directly in the smaller living sites. We also facilitate access to phone credit, and support with basic phone troubleshooting.  


As a project, we also advocate for dignified and sustainable access to these services for people on the move. We believe that people should have autonomous access to resources to be able to make informed choices. 

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What We Need

Every donation has an impact. In order to continue our activities as a new project, and to be able to pay for quality translations as well as to continue running our operations in the field, financial support is needed.


If you'd like to volunteer, apply through this form. Want to get in touch?

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