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Refugee Community Kitchen

Refugee Community Kitchen is both a French association and a UK charity committed to serving highly nutritious and culturally familiar food to those fleeing war, poverty, persecution and climate change living in Calais, Grande Synthe and the UK.

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Who We Are

Refugee Community Kitchen was created on 1st December 2015 as a grassroots organisation in response to the tens of thousands of people forced to leave their homes in search of refuge and safety in Europe. 

Pooling the resources and skills from their communities in the UK, RCK has since provided over two million meals. The organisation is run solely by volunteers from all over the world, who are ordinary people making a big difference to the lives of many.

Why We're Here

For 3 years we were the only organisation in the area serving hot food. The local authorities were embarrassed into providing a hot food provision in the area that unfortunately did not consider the  cultural needs of the people we serve. We have then continued our work serving warm, fresh, welcoming food as well as tea, condiments and salad to sustain people on the move. We are committed to serving food with dignity, rain or shine so everyone that comes to our distributions feels welcomed in what is an increasingly hostile environment. 

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Our Response and Impact

Culturally Appropriate

Our menus are created so that the food we serve is not only highly nutritious but also culturally familiar in order that the people we serve receive optimum goodness and a taste of home. 

Living rough in all weather conditions is extremely perilous to health, and our meals are warming and nourishing, helping to boost the immunity of displaced peoples, sustain them and show that people care.


We aim to give people not just a hot meal but also a place to gather and connect. Somewhere to recreate a community and provide space for other support organisations to access those in need.

We also provide food and tea for our sister organisations working in the area who are welcoming new arrivals and supporting vulnerable communities, as well as providing healthy volunteer lunches daily for all the organisations within the Calais Appeal Community.


We cook 97% plant-based food focusing on pulses, fresh vegetables & salad as well as using donated food and food destined for landfill thus redistributing food that would otherwise be wasted. All our waste is composted, recycled and reused - we work as sustainably as possible.


What We Need

The best way you can support us right now is by donating to our fundraising page or setting up a monthly donation. 

With your donations we will be able to continue the vital support we provide and look after the hundreds of volunteers who give their time to run the kitchen and serve the food.

We also depend solely on donations for fuel, accommodation, fresh food, equipment and supplies.

If you'd like to volunteer, please apply through this form.

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