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Project Play

Founded in August 2018, Project Project Play is a grassroots organisation that works with displaced children in northern France. We are a group of volunteers who believe in the power of play. 

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Who We Are

Project Play was founded in August 2018 by volunteers working in northern France to support displaced communities sleeping in informal camps. 


Project Play has worked with hundreds of children and run, on average, six sessions every week. We have welcomed and said goodbye to dozens of talented volunteers with a range of skills and expertise. 

Why We're Here

Children living in informal camps and temporary accommodation centres in northern France are denied their right to an education. They live in inhumane conditions, with no access to state protection or support. They have undergone difficult journeys and now find themselves victim to police harassment and violence in France. For many families, the UK represents a last hope for safety and sanctuary and the only option to give their children a safe future. Many of the children we work with attempt regular crossings to the UK, which of course leads to further distress, disruption and poor health.

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Our Response and Impact

Play Sessions

Our sessions are designed to facilitate a safe space in which children coming through northern France can build resilience, nurture key developmental skills, create positive memories for themselves, and have fun. 


Project Play ran its first session in November 2018. To date, we have provided play at twelve different sites: six accommodation centres, a day-centre, a safe house and four informal camps.


Alongside play, we advocate for the children and families we work with. This includes, but is not limited to, calling on the French and UK governments to uphold their obligations under the Convention on the Rights of the Child through making decisions informed by the best interests of the child principle.

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What We Need

Project Play needs your help to keep playing. It's been a difficult year for us, rebuilding our service after each lockdown. Thanks to your help, we've kept playing through a pandemic.

We need over £6300 each month to run our service. Please consider donating the equivalent of one hour's wages. If you're not able to do this, you can donate your valuable time and help by organising a fundraising event.


To get involved, contact us on

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